Wednesday, May 30, 2007

John Cox Gets Four Votes In Des Moines Poll - MAJOR VICTORY!

The lone (paid) blogger for fringe presidential candidate John Cox recently bragged that Cox was "tied for 5th place" in the recent Iowa Poll, conducted by the Des Moines Register.

Kudos to Cox!

Except that the poll surveyed just 401 likely caucus-goers. That means Cox is known to FOUR Iowans.

Sure, he tied with Jim Gilmore and Duncan Hunter, but they have not been exactly shining in the polls elsewhere, either. In fact, Cox has been to Iowa a dozen times, and has crisscrossed the state and appeared on TV and radio literally hundreds of times.

Gaining four votes shows SOME support, but come on. It's nothing to crow about.

Then again, if you're John Cox's paid blogger, what ELSE are you going to crow about? His lack of fundraising? Suing the GOP to get into the debates? Being thrown off the property at the Reagan Library? Burning through $800,000 of your own money in an ego-tripping race for president?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe if john got off his horse & on his knees more he might get somewhere.
Faith Playing Larger Role in 2008 Race

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Lately it seems all the leading presidential candidates are discussing their religious and moral beliefs -- even when they'd rather not. Indeed, seven years after George W. Bush won the presidency in part with a direct appeal to conservative religious voters -- even saying during a debate that Jesus Christ was his favorite philosopher -- the personal faith of candidates has become a very public part of the presidential campaign.