Saturday, May 12, 2007

"I'm No Crackpot" Says Crackpot Candidate John Cox
(Includes the "Cox Quote of the Week")

from the Chicago Sun-Times

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Chicago businessman John Cox, a long-shot presidential candidate, said Thursday he will protest his exclusion from a May 15 GOP presidential debate in South Carolina.

Cox, who also was not part of Thursday's Republican debate in California, said Americans are ''going to miss my contrarian view up there.''

''I'm no crackpot. I'm no threat to anybody,'' Cox said. ''It's not like I'm some anarchist or something like that.''

The South Carolina GOP and Fox News Channel agreed to rules requiring candidates to muster at least a 1 percent showing in polls to earn a spot in the debate to be held in Columbia.

Cox ran for U.S. Senate in 2002 and lost. He ran again in 2004 and dropped out.

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