Friday, May 18, 2007

Fringe Candidate John Cox: "I'm a Fourth Tier Candidate"!

In a moment of clarity for the attention-starved fringe Republican candidate for president John Cox, he told a paper this past Wednesday following the South Carolina debate (of which he was not a part) that he was a probably a "fourth tier" candidate.

The first tier, of course, being Giuliani, McCain and Romney, and the second tier being all the rest (Huckabee, Brownback, Tancredo, Hunter, T. Thompson, Gilmore, and libertarian Ron Paul.)

All of the others have been elected to public office at some point in their lives. Cox has not.

Cox tried to get a federal judge to force the SC GOP to put him in the Wed. May 15 debate. He failed. The judge laughed the suit out of court.

The Charlotte Observer quoted Cox saying:

"I'm probably the `fourth tier,' " said John Cox, an Illinois businessman who lost a lawsuit to join the others on stage.

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