Friday, May 11, 2007

Blog Skewers Cox on MSNBC/ Debate Forgery Video

The To the Right blog has posted a hilarious overview of John Cox and his latest antics:

"Cox is an Illinois businessman who is running for President. He previously lost primaries for a Senate seat and a House seat. He also lost a County Clerk race. He is now running for President because he thinks that the Republican field is lacking a conservative, despite the fact there are at least five conservatives running who have actual qualifications.

As if this weren’t pathetic enough, Cox has edited himself into the first Republican debate. His campaign took the MSNBC footage of Chris Matthews asking questions and has it cut to an awkward shot of Cox responding. As of now, his campaign has apparently pulled the video after relentless mocking by several Colorado blogs (PPH and CCP). Cox apparently thought that by editing himself into the debate, people would be fooled into thinking he was really there. We wonder how this tactic might work under different circumstances.

Cox is currently asking a federal court to force Fox News to place him in the next Republican debate because they are violating his constitutional right to free airtime on a cable news network, or something…

If this were Japan, John Cox would probably be forced to kill himself to save his family and household any more shame. Since this is America, he’ll probably end up with a radio talk show somewhere that no one listens to"

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