Tuesday, May 22, 2007

John Cox Ties "None of the Above" in GA Straw Poll; Loses by a Landslide!

In a stunning victory for fringe candidate John Cox, which we are sure he will be touting on his blog and on his website, Cox gained ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of the vote in Saturday's Georgia straw poll, tying "none of the above" and fundamentalist candidate Sam Brownback (whose bloggers recently argued that the Sun revolves around the Earth.)

This is an AMAZING victory for Landslide Johnny, who claims he has won "several" (one) straw poll in an obscure South Carolina county.

Official results:
44% Fred Thompson
18% Newt Gingrich
15% Rudy Giulani
9% Mitt Romney
4% Mike Huckabee
2% John McCain
2% Duncan Hunter
1.8% Ron Paul
1.4% Tommy Thompson
1% Tom Tancredo
.5% John Cox
.5% Sam Brownback
.5% Voted for None of the above
No votes for Jim Gilmore

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