Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Invisible Candidate" John Cox Whines About the Media -- Again ....

The New Hampshire Union Leader features fringe presidential candidate John Cox whining about not getting media coverage.

This from a man who has been on FOX News, CNBC, MSNBC, and hundreds of radio programs in major markets CONSISTENTLY for over 13 months now, including every talk radio show in New Hampshire.

The fact is, John Cox cannot get anyone to support him, and his empty campaign coffers (less than $13,000 in contributions from people other than himself, as of April 1) illustrate this stark reality.

The article fails to interview anyone else other than Cox, who rambles on and on, implying that this or that New Hampshire veteran or businessman "LOVES" his message.

Former Cox campaign staffers have told this blog that his public claims of support, which he frequently repeats to the media, are often exaggerated or are proven false by alert reporters who follow up with those who have been (mis)quoted. Of course these are anonymous people Cox quotes to Rayno in his report - people whose supportive statements cannot be verified.

But the UL got it just about right in the first paragraphs:

Republican presidential candidate John Cox has spent more than a year campaigning in the early selection states of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, declaring himself the true Washington outsider.

He has spent $800,000 of his own money hiring staff, organizing, printing campaign material renting office space, appearing on radio and paying for travel expenses because he wants to see change. But his message has largely been ignored by the national media.

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Anonymous said...

Cox gets plenty of media. He just can't get anyone to say anything nice about him. That's because there is little nice to say.