Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why Cox is Left Out of The Debates

Organizers of the Reagan Library debate and the May 15th SC GOP debate both left fringe candidate for president John Cox off the stage, and for good reason: He has failed to live up to the definition of “candidate” in almost every case.

The one thing going for him is that he’s declared he IS a candidate. That’s easy, though. Nearly 70 others have done the same thing with the FEC. That doesn’t mean 70 people should be on that stage, I hope.

But he’s failed in many other criteria. He has raised just over $10,000 in over a year of campaigning. That’s remarkably bad, given that he’s been on hundreds of radio stations (many, large ones in LA, Chicago, Jacksonville, Tampa, etc.) and has been on MSNBC and FOX News several times - although CNBC cancelled his appearance abruptly.

Cox has also failed to win in the polls, despite over a dozen trips to NH, SC and Iowa. He’s breaking 1% here and there, but mostly he’s at zero. Pollsters watch for people who “volunteer” names. Not one volunteered his name in a recent major poll, according to one national pollster.

This guy has some interesting ideas. So does my local grocer. Both he and Cox are not qualified to be president of the United States, and we don’t need five more pretenders like Cox, Jesus Michael Archangel, Mark Klein and John Smith on the stage, even though they have some great ideas, too.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure that the other debates are not letting him in for the same reasons, plus two more
1) His conduct before, during, & after the Reagan Library debate.
2) Trying to sue South Carolina.
Why would anymore want these problems.
He should get out of the republican party run as an independent; and prove once & for all he is not wanted.