Friday, July 06, 2007

Cox Makes Fool of Self on "Tucker"
Carlson fails to do his homework on fringe candidate

Tucker Carlson winces during Cox MSNBC interview Thursday

GOP fringe presidential candidate John Cox appeared on the Tucker Carlson show "Tucker" Thursday and was grilled by Carlson about the damning Matt Labash expose in the Weekly Standard.

Tucker asked, “You don’t look frightening to me. You look sane. Why aren’t you beating Tom Tancredo or Duncan Hunter or Ron Paul?” Of course, he didn't answer truthfully by saying, "Well, Tucker, I've only raised $13,000 in the last 16 months of campaigning and can't seem to keep staff employeed longer than three months, because I treat them like dirt and trash them all behind their backs, because none of them are as competent as I am." But we digress.

Tucker Carlson then hit hard, asking Cox about his embarrassing fiasco at the Reagan Library debate

“As I’m reading about you, I’m thinking well this guy seems too good to be true. There must be something really eccentric about him that he isn’t getting more noticed. I couldn’t find much this is the only real eccentric thing I read about you and it’s in this brilliant profile of you by Matt Labash of the Weekly Standard. It has you during one of the debates, in California, you’re not invited to the debate, you’re shut out by the press so you stage a one-man debate wh you bsly rep to the questions, your wife hits the mute button on the TV as the other candidates respond and you respond into the camera and post it on YouTube. That’s a little odd.”

YEAH. Odd. Just like this fringe candidate, who snuck into that debate's Spin Room posing as a reporter. Nutty. Carlson then asks -

“Why did they [shut you out of the debates]? I mean it’s not just our network which sponsored that debate, it’s every network that has sponsored a debate. There’s got to be a reason.”

The reason he gave was some nonsense about the Washington DC echo chamber. But the truth of the matter is that Cox is a loon. And MSNBC knows it.

“John Cox. I keep waiting for you to say something crazy, or out of left field," notes Tucker near the end of his softball interview.

Tucker, you just haven't been listening. And you didn't do your homework for this interview.

NEWS FLASH: The latest defection from the Cox camp is his tireless media booker, a professional with a company of his own and a staff of over a dozen whom Cox fired on a whim and was reportedly BEGGING to keep the very next day, to no avail. The booker reportedly said to others that he was, "tired of taking his s**t."

The well-known Chicago-based booker got Cox interviews on CNBC, NBC, MSNBC (including the above Tucker apperance and one other 2-hour/3 appearance gig) and hundreds of radio appearances, many in major media markets like Orlando, Jacksonville, NYC, LA, Dallas and Chicago.

Of course Cox was greedy for even more attention than this, and frequently complained to all who would listen (including ON all the media programs he was on, including Tuckers') about how he was not getting on CNN and other outlets, according to the campaign staffers with whom I speak regularly.


Stephen said...

Your observations are very astute and you've captured the essense of this expose interview perfectly, as you you usually do.

His antics at the Reagan Library were shocking and to have them exposed by Tucker Carlson was rewarding.

John is a very odd character and the more people learn about him, the odder he seems. I feel badly for all the people who have worked for Cox2008 who now are very embarrassed by their affiliation with him.

Anonymous said...

I agree.