Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cox Gets Goose Egg In PA Straw Poll

We expect there won't be any heavily spun press releases issued from the Cox Camp (what's left of it) about the Pennsylvania straw poll held Saturday. That's because Cox failed to place in it.

What? The GREAT John Cox? The SAVIOR of the party? The TRUE REAGAN CONSERVATIVE? It must be the media's fault.

It couldn't be the candidate's fault for failing to spend any time at all in the state in the past 500+ days he's been campaigning for president, could it? Could it be because his PA state chair resigned in disgust well over a month ago because he saw the writing on the wall and realized the campaign was going bust? Both are plausible explainations.

Usually, after every podunk, insignificant straw poll that's held in which Cox draws three or four votes, the world is treated to a ridiculous news release touting his "great victory" over Tommy Thompson and Jim Gilmore, who usually got one vote each, compared to Cox's two votes.

Here are the results of the PA poll:

87 Guiliani
40 Fred Thompson
12 Romney
10 Gingrich
7 McCain
2 Paul
2 Tommy Thompson
2 Tancredo
2 Brownback
1 Undecided
BIG FAT GOOSE EGG (Zero Votes) John Cox, the Thirteen Thousand Dollar Man*

*That's how much he's raised in 17 months of daily campaigning.

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