Sunday, July 15, 2007

Faux Candidate Cox Raises $1,410 for President!

The Fundraising Facts on John Cox, fringe candidate for president, as of the June 30 filing with the Federal Elections Commission:

Funds raised in the 3-month filing period ending June 30, 2007: $1,410 (one thousand four hundred ten dollars)

Cash on hand at end of June 30 filing period: $11,354.61 (McCain's starting to look VERY successful at only $2.4 million, isn't he?)

Here's what Cox's increasingly sinking campaigned raised, by month:
Raised in April = $780 (includes one $500 donation)
Raised in May = $620
Raised in June = $10 (ten dollars on June 15, the final donation of the period)

Early primary/caucus state strength, measured:
Raised from Iowa = 1 donation of $50 (state coordinator Steve Huff, you're fired.)
Raised from New Hampshire = 1 donation of FIVE dollars ($5) (state coordinator/national coordinator Chris Richter, you're fired.)
Raised from South Carolina = two donations totalling $110 (state coordinator/national communications director Dan Herren, you're fired.)

Total raised since filing with the FEC on Feb. 13, 2006 = $13,515.51
That's 502 days, a total of $13,515.51, meaning $26.92 raised per day.

Loaned to the campaign by the candidate:
In this period = $160.803.75
Since filing with the FEC = $940,779.55

Most curious expenditures in this filing period:
$2,000 to the NH state Republican Party for "Debate expenses." Cox was not allowed in the June 5 debate, because he's polling at zero percent.

$600 to U.S. Dist. Court in Columbia, SC to sue the SC GOP in Federal Court in a failed attempt to force them to put him in a party-sponsored debate.

The John Cox for President campaign? As of July 15, 2007 = 517 days of failure and counting.


Political Pale Horse said...

Do you have any info on Chipgate? If so, shoot us an email.

Stephen said...

The $13,000 man strikes again. Incredible.