Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cox Raises $5 in Kansas, Blog Discovers It

The Good News: The popular Race 4 2008 blog has discovered fringe presidential candidate John Cox!

The Bad News: They've discovered John Cox's fundraising prowess, too:
"I have one small question..."
Presidential campaign donations from Kansas:

Sam Brownback, R, $297,436
Rudy Giuliani, R, $96,450
Mitt Romney, R, $78,150
Barack Obama, D, $76,596
John McCain, R, $45,645
John Edwards, D, $34,327
Hillary Clinton, D, $29,660
Bill Richardson, D, $21,800
Joseph Biden, D, $19,400
Ron Paul, R, $15,355
Christopher Dodd, D, $8,100
Tom Tancredo, R, $4,340
Mike Huckabee, R, $2,800
Duncan Hunter, R, $965
Dennis Kucinich, D, $200
John Cox, R, $5
Source: Federal Election Commission

My Question is….
Who let John Cox borrow 5 bucks?

Update Question:
Do you think he’ll pay them back?"

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