Saturday, June 30, 2007

How LOW Can Cox Go (In Fundraising)? Try One Dollar!

The countdown to the second filing period for the presidential primary campaign is upon us, and some candidates cannot wait to tell the world about their success.

Fringe Republican candidate John Cox is not among them.

A former staffer in the campaign (and they are LEGION) tells this blog that he was informed that for the entire month of June, the campaign may likely lay claim to a single donation of just ONE DOLLAR! And that was from an employee of Cox'.

In an email he has seen, the campaign's electronic payment system spat out confirmation of a donation from a paralegal in Cox's law firm, Cox, Oakes & Associates. The amount? ONE DOLLAR. Quite a lot of faith his employees have in him, eh?

To be charitable, my source says this may simply have been a test to see if the system was broken, since my source has heard that we can expect a fundraising figure as low as $200 for the entire quarter. (Make that $201!)

Don't expect that kind of pathetic result to stop the million dollar man from unloading up to one million dollars of his not-very-huge fortune in a vain attempt to demand that the media recognize him as a candidate --- simply because he says so.

(I realize that if Cox now raises $300, or even $1,000, I have helped him lower expectations with this $201 prediction. But unlike fellow Illinoisan Barack Obama, whose team is lowering expectations from $26 to $20 million, a Cox "victory" of $1000 would be pathetic indeed, and inconsequential in the political race.)


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