Friday, June 29, 2007

John Cox offers his rear-end in place of political experience

Hat tip to the Political Pale Horse on this one:

John Cox was on the Steve Deace [show, in Des Moines, IA] where he offered his "rear-end" in place of any political experience of any candidate. Cox emphasized that his rear-end has “been on the line” several times in his 30 years of business experience.

He said that his “rear-end being on the line” made him solve problems by bringing people together. He then went on to bash Barack Obama and Richard Nixon.

If you want to listen visit this link.

Deace, who has had Cox on the show numerous times, noted for Cox that Obama at least has had experience being ELECTED to the Illinois state senate and to the U.S. Senate. Cox, of course, has never been elected to anything.

Cox said "I built a business from ZERO. I built a business from ZERO to a hundred million dollars of net worth." I'm sure the people at Chicago's Jay's Foods, where Cox worked for about a year as a finance officer, would LOVE to hear that their company was "zero" before he supposedly "ran" it. There are several statements that are incorrect in his statement, among them that he ever "ran" that company.

Bottom line: John Cox is "MR ZERO EXPERIENCE."

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Anonymous said...

My sources said that because he was so arrogant he was told to leave Jay's. He never really did anything except for going around saying: look how important I am, who are you, I run this company, look we are at 100 million $. EGO EGO EGO it is always about his EGO. And to bash our late great President Richard Nixon. President Nixon with his little finger was a better President than coxy boy could even get close to dreaming of being.