Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One Vote for Cox in Crawford County Straw Poll

Crawford County Republicans held a Presidential Straw Poll at their Crawford County Republican Fair Booth July 19-22, 2007. Results over the four days were as follows:

34 Tommy Thompson, Wisconsin
25 Mitt Romney, Massachusetts
17 Fred Thompson, Tennessee
15 Rudy Giuliani, New York
10 Tom Tancredo, Colorado
9 John McCain, Arizona
3 Sam Brownback, Kansas
1 John Cox, Illinois
1 Mike Huckabee, Arkansas
0 Duncan Hunter, California

To Cox's credit, he got about 12 votes in the Madison County Fair straw poll this past weekend. Of course, his Website is touting exaggerations to make this seem like a bigger victory.

They say Romney got 50% of the vote, Tommy Thompson got 23% and Cox got 12%, along with Huckabee and Brownback.

In fact, about 150 people participated in this totally unscientific "drop by the booth and vote" survey, with Romney getting 50 VOTES (or about 33%) and Thompson ( says FRED) getting 25 votes. That means, if we're consistent here, Cox got about 12 votes, not 12%. Not bad, given the erratic and bizarre nature of this candidate.

Which means we have more work to do exposing this loon for the egomanic he really is, so another 12 people aren't fooled into thinking he's a REAL candidate.


The Anon Guy said...

Nice blog.

It's kind of funny how a campaign as small as the John Cox one would already have an anti- site.

So where did he make the money to blow almost a million $ seven months before the first primary?

Michael said...

Thanks for the response.

He has an anti-site because the guy is famous for alienating people - staff, GOP activists, and state party officials, for example.

His arrogance, blowhardiness (if that's a word) and long-windedness is legendary.

Where he made his money is as a lawyer in Chicago. He makes a big deal out of "running" a potato chip company, but some say he's overstating the case, and that he wasn't actually "running" it, he was simply the financial officer, and one of many in a team of investors who came to its aid.

The full story hasn't come out on that one, yet. But since this guy is headed for obscurity, it's best to ignore it. Soon, hopefully, we can all ignore him.

In the meantime, we're working to make sure genuine conservatives aren't suckered into this guy's sweet talk. He talks a good game, but has $11K in the bank, and his fundraising is pathetic - just $13K in 17 months.