Thursday, August 09, 2007

Latest Cox Video Draws Guffaws

Even for avid Cox-Watchers, the recent video for fringe Presidential Candidate John Cox is a knee-slapper of epic proportions.

With hard-driving rock and a confusing message (is it anti-Illegal, xenophobic and anti-immigrant in general, anti-Union, post-apocalyptic?) and even a voice-over from one of Cox's dreary, Castro-like four-hour speeches, this unintentionally funny video is one of those things that has the Internet chatting. Though nothing good is being said about Cox.

Take a look:

In one scene, notice all of the enemies of border protection. Whoever dreamed up this vieo got them right, I'll grant them that. But they also must have been a Star Wars fan, too, since they included a CLONE TROOPER from the prequels in the upper lefthand corner of the shot:

"Those DAMNED CLONE TROOPERS! They don't want to protect our Borders!"

Did someone think that this was actually a FUNNY video? More to the point, did someone think it was EFFECTIVE, and would win votes in conservative Iowa? It looks more like a racist Whites Only militia group created it.

Cox's latest attempt at drawing attention to himself has, predictably, yielded the same kind of attention he always gets him -- negative attention.

The Huffington Post's Cliff Schecter gets in his digs, so does South Carolina's Palmetto Scoop, which opines:

"It seems like Cox is presenting this as some sort of cry for help for America. But it’s more
likely that this is a cry for help for Cox: 'Hello? My name is John Cox and I want attention.

Will somebody please acknowledge my existence?'"

The Shot, more indelicately, headlines the video: "Rock out with Your Cox Out."


Political Pale Horse said...

Thanks for the tip. We made a post about it and alerted the DMCA and Atlantic Records.

This man is nothing more than plagiarizer and complete nut case.

Michael said...


Anonymous said...

the man needs to get a clue and needs to stop running for office!!