Tuesday, September 04, 2007

NH Cox Coordinator Writes (Political) Suicide Note

Johnnie Cox's man in New Hampshire, and probable ONLY supporter there, Chris Richter, wrote an amazingly BAD "open letter" to Republicans this past week. In it he condemned state Party Chairman Fergus Cullen for not taking Cox seriously.

After prattling on for about 200 words about his personal history in the party, Richter finally cuts to the chase and starts whining about his man not being taken seriously:

"On September 5th, the New Hampshire Republican Party will co-host the next Republican Presidential Debate. Invitations have been sent out, but once again John has not received one. Of all the debates thus far, we had expected John to be able to get into this debate. The thinking was three fold. First, New Hampshire prides itself on allowing lesser known candidates the opportunity to be heard. Second, John has campaigned in New Hampshire more than many of the other candidates. Third, John has given money to the state Republican Party, many of our local GOP organizations, and has had numerous dinners with State GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen. Apparently Fergus has no apprehensions to take John's money as a Presidential Candidate, just apprehensions to treat him like one."
Let's stop to digest this amazing statement.

New Hampshire allows fringe candidates to be heard, yes. But it does not guarantee them success. Many candidates in the past have campaigned there, and gotten the standard 300 votes out of hundreds of thousands cast. Going to New Hampshire doesn't guarantee votes, either. One politically active friend of this blog tells me that some have actually MOVED to the state, only to stubbornly remain known as "minor" candidates. (In fact, moving to the state seems destined to make one a "minor" or "fringe" player, because of the stink of desperation they then acquire, he says.)

Richter then talks about an email campaign he initated to get Mr. Cullen to change his mind about Cox. We're certain here at John Cox:The Facts that this amounted to about 20 emails, but we digress.

Richter reports that despite being wooed by Cox at dinner "numerous" times, Cullen's reasonable response to all of these has been:

"Thanks for the note. Hard work alone is not enough to give someone free national TV time. John needs to demonstrate an ability to persuade individuals to support him."
BINGO. Kudos to Fergus Cullen for nailing Cox and knowing that unlike in South Carolina, where Cox simply paid $25,000 and got on the primary ballot, or in Iowa, where he somehow convinced GOP officials to insert his name on the Ames Straw Poll ballot, the state party in New Hampshire showed him that they will not be bought.

Cullen also knows that Cox has not built any kind of base of support in his state, any more than he did in Iowa. He also knows that he is polling at a solid zero percent. That's 1 point lower than Brownback, who's at 1 percent or less in state polls.

Cue the lawsuit against the New Hampshire GOP. It didn't work in South Carolina, though, and it won't work in this case to get Cox on the stage with the REAL candidates.

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